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Steve Martin is a Premier Qualified Personal Trainer

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
Equipped with the skills, knowledge, and competence required to work as a personal trainer, I offer professional advice on nutrition and tailor-made fitness plans.
Over 20 Years Experience
I've witnessed various fitness trends rise and fade away. Through this experience, I've identified the most effective routines that truly deliver results, helping you achieve optimal fitness and your best shape.
100+ Clients Trained
I've successfully coached numerous clients who share your preference for avoiding busy gyms, focusing instead on outdoor workouts or private training sessions tailored to your comfort.

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3 Simple Steps Towards Improved Health and Fitness
Personal Training on Bournemouth Beach - A lady doing work with a resistance band
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Get in touch with a call, text or email. We'll have a brief chat about your goals, and then I'll schedule you for a FREE consultation.
Your FREE Consultation

We'll begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your lifestyle, fitness level, and nutritional habits. My aim is to gain a deep understanding of your current situation and your objectives. You'll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions.

This initial session is completely free and will take about 45 minutes. It's a chance for us to familiarise ourselves with each other, so you can see that I'm the ideal personal trainer to lead you towards achieving your fitness goals, all before you invest a single penny.

We Start Training Together

Following our complimentary consultation, I will craft a tailored exercise plan just for you. I bring all the necessary equipment, so we can train in your preferred location near Ringwood, whether that's the beach, a park, or the comfort of your home and garden.

Our personal training sessions, which usually last around an hour, are diverse, enjoyable, and designed to challenge you. I'll be there to motivate and hold you accountable, pushing you to your limits, but not to the point of feeling overwhelmed or dreading our next meeting.

After each session, you'll feel a strong sense of accomplishment, proud and reassured that you're on the right track towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle than you've experienced in years.

Get a FREE Consultation

I'll come to you

I’m a mobile personal trainer near Ringwood 
I help men and women of all ages reach their health and fitness goals
Weight Loss in Bournemouth - A man and a woman with tape measures round their waist

Looking to Lose Weight

I'll bring all the free weights we need to make you stronger. I'll be there to push those extra couple of reps out of you that you didn't think you could do, until now!
Build Muscle in Bournmouth - A woman doing squats with supervision from a personal trainer

Looking to Build Muscle

Exercise makes you feel better. No matter your goals, I'll make sure our sessions are always fun and enjoyable. At the end of the hour I want you to walk away with a smile!
Feel Better in Bournemouth - A woman on the beach after personal training session

Looking to Feel Better

Exercise is not just about fitness; it's about feeling great too. Whatever your objectives are, I'll ensure our sessions are always enjoyable and fun. My goal is for you to leave each hour-long session with a smile on your face!

Get ready to look better and feel better

Steve Martin - Mobile Personal Trainer in Bournemouth - Sitting with EquipmentBournemouth Personal Trainer Steve Martin in Boxing Gloves

Feeling unmotivated, lethargic, and low on energy due to fitness issues?

Perhaps you've tried numerous diets, only to see the weight return, or haven't found an exercise routine enjoyable enough to maintain.

It's not your fault – the overload of conflicting fitness and nutrition advice can be overwhelming, and finding the time is always challenging.

If this resonates with you, it might be time to consider a personal trainer to assist with weight loss, toning, and muscle building.

In just under three months, you could see a transformation, feeling more energetic and confident. Even within a month, you might start feeling happier about taking significant steps towards fitness.

Picture controlling your diet effortlessly and enjoying a workout routine that truly delivers results.

I'm Steve Martin, a premier qualified mobile personal trainer near Ringwood. Over the past 20 years, I've aided hundreds of clients in achieving and surpassing their fitness goals, be it weight loss, toning, or muscle building.

I bring the gym to you, complete with boxing equipment, ropes, and free weights. Train in the comfort of your home and garden, or enjoy the scenic New Forest in Ringwood.

Ready to start?

Call or text me at 07970 228614, or send me an email for a quick discussion about your goals and to set up your FREE consultation. Let's embark on this fitness journey together.

What my clients are saying

Over the last 20 years I've trained hundreds of people across the Bournemouth and New Forest area. Here's what some of them have had to say.
Ann (53)
The New Forest
Steve has worked with me for 2 years now. In that time I have lost 2 stone in weight and feel healthier and fitter than I have done for many years! Steve has the ability to put anyone at ease and I continue to be impressed with his expert knowledge of fitness and health. The sessions are motivating and good fun.
Anna (28)
Committing to running a half marathon was a big step for me after never running properly before - I didn't know where to start! Training with Steve was the best thing I could have done as I gained the confidence, knowledge and stamina to get through training whilst increasing my fitness at the same time! Thanks Steve, I couldn't have finished it without you.
Mark (41)
I had found it really difficult to get motivated to exercise but knew I really needed to! Steve has listened to my needs and built our routine together around these. He has really helped me improve my posture and fitness levels and his help and focus on my diet has resulted in some positive changes. Steve is extremely flexible in respect of our appointments and always does his best to accommodate! Thank you Steve
Jo (56)
The New Forest
After pretending to get fitter I decided that I really had to, so I called Steve. That was nine months ago and he has made a tremendous difference. I have less ripples and I feel stronger, healthier and all round fitter. And I don’t feel nearly so guilty about the red wine!
Emma (40)
I was already really into fitness before I started working with Steve but my exercise routines had become stale! He makes every session varied and challenging with the added bonus that they are always fun! Steve really listens to my goals and tailors our work together to support these. My sessions with him have helped me achieve positive changes in my physic but also a real sense of well being. I know how fantastic I will feel at the end of a session with Steve!!
Sandra (62)
When I started working with Steve I wanted to get fitter, toned, maybe lose some weight and generally feel good. I began to see results very quickly, which was encouraging. Sessions are varied, fun and often challenging with Steve setting targets which he knows are achievable; there is little chance of being bored. Meeting those targets gives me confidence, a feeling of well-being and the motivation to aim higher. My biggest achievement has been to complete both a half-marathon and the Great South Run in 2010. I would never have dreamed that I could enter such events before I started training with Steve and I could not have done it at all without his expertise, support and encouragement. Training with Steve certainly works for me; as well as being fitter and stronger, thanks to toning and some weight loss, I now shop for size 12 clothes instead of 14/16 and that definitely makes me feel good!

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